how to beat inflation

The Fed has signaled that they may keep interest rates low and continue bond purchases until 2014 or 2015. Nevertheless, investors are edgy.

If Bernanke stops the Fed’s bond purchasing program, bond values may decrease causing rates to rise. The Fed also can’t keep interest rates low forever.

Higher interest rates will impact your savings and investments. Will you be ready when rates go back up? Are you aware of how rising interest rates may affect you? Are you ready to keep inflation from devouring your purchasing power, and – most importantly – do you know how?

You’d be surprised. I talk about how rising interest rates may impact your wallet, plus strategies to protect yourself, in this week’s podcast.

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Bond Market Bubble

Some consider the bond market the ugly stepsister to stocks, and tend to ignore this unsexy sibling. However, investors pay more attention to the bond market for warning signals about the health of our economy – not the stock market.

What’s the bond market telling investors today? Will the party continue, or are we going to turn into pumpkins soon?

I give my opinion, and my hot topic of the week, in this week’s podcast!

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My heart goes out to Boston residents this week. Talking about saving and investing may be the last thing on your mind. Mine as well. But life has to march on.

I cover a delicious assortment of useful topics in this podcast — including market forecasting, retirement planning tips, tips to get through 401K open enrollment, and one thing to understand about the bond market.

Don’t miss a thing! Friday’s at 12:30 pm EST.

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How to Lock in Stock Profits

by Michelle P.

Folks are getting nervous as the stock market hits new highs. Instead of waiting to see if the Dow will break 15K, some investors want to take the profits that they’ve made so far and run. If you’ve made profits, how should you plan your exit? Or, can you stay invested and use other types […]

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YTD Stock and Bond Market at a Glance – Party’s Over?

by Michelle P.

While stocks have had a raucous time this year, bonds continued to be the designated driver – the safe place where stock investors hid until the stock market became a less of an underground rave and more of an uplifting Karaoke party. But don’t think that the bond market didn’t also have a great time […]

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BlogTalkRadio Episode: Skyfall Fans Aren’t the Only Bond Lovers

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Recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma yet? I recovered long enough to talk about my Thanksgiving, and also bonds today. In this show, I covered bond investing — including indicators to track and how to invest in bonds once you’ve determined that’s a suitable route for your portfolio. Don’t miss a thing! Friday’s at 12:30 […]

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