Baby it’s cold outside!  At least up here in the North it is.

It’s the holiday season, and even the market reflects seasonal changes.  You hear pundits talking about it.  But how can you check it for yourself using cold, hard numbers?  Watch the video to find out. You can also subscribe to my videos in iTunes.

…or so it seems!

The Dow took a dive today into high-7000’s territory after Geithner delivered the much-hyped outline for TARP the Sequel.

Honestly, I felt underwhelmed as I watched his speech. The speech was so hyped that I expected to hear specifics–for example, how exactly would the fund distribution be tracked.

Geithner mentioned that there would be a website set up––but what is the criteria for giving a bank money, and what are the guidelines for its usage (besides the general line of making credit available to those who need loans)?

At this point–in particular given the black box that was TARP pt. 1, and given the size of the economic stimulus plan–I want the dirty details! But sigh…the speech was light on details, not to mention that he appeared to be Obama Jr. with his mannerisms.

Perhaps Geithner didn’t want to overwhelm viewers with the dirty details. That’s understandable. But give me something to sink my teeth into.

I’m planning on watching his speech again…I’m sure I missed something.

Meanwhile, the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq all finished down. Which may point to the possibility of another down day tomorrow unless folks decide that this is a good time to get into the market to take advantage of a momentum swing up before the market goes back down again.

We’ve been treading water since before the elections, and my legs are tired.

Tomorrow will be a doozy. CEOs from the major banks are going to the hill to testify on how they used the original round of TARP.

I plan on watching BAC (Bank of America) and C (Citigroup) while this testimony progresses.

Oh the DRAMZ!!!

PRESIDENT Obama!! Let’s relish in that moment. President Obama….

Okay, the celebration is over now. His address was somber. Very realistic. And there is a reason why. We have a long, tough road to rebuild confidence in the future of America’s economy.

The proof was in the Dow today. Right now, the Dow is inching towards 8000 down 215 points. This may partly be due to the somberness of the speech. Because why would President Obama take the one occasion when everyone around the world is watching to talk about the troubles that lie ahead if we weren’t in a dire period in history?

This is why I’m continuing to look at bonds for money that’s needed within 3-5 years. Another option may be short-term Foreign Exchange trading. But the stock market–the market where equity can be given and taken away from public corporations by investors–is iffy in the short term (albeit one of the best inflation defenses in the long term).

As President Obama said, the situation and the tools are new. So the next 6 months at minimum for a person in finance are synonymous to walking through a dark room with a blindfold. Although, if you’re experienced in trading during uncertain times, that experience is your guide dog or walking stick…I think you get my point.

But even though there is uncertainty, no doubt he’s the perfect leader for today. He’s inspiring, and the majority of Americans have confidence in his ability to lead. But is there enough confidence to encourage Americans to put their hard-earned dollars into our economy via spending and investing, and not in their mattresses and money markets?

I’ll tell you this much, however. I think Bush is a great guy. He mouthed “You’ll have the time of your life, I promise you” to Michelle Obama as he got on his helicopter. He’s genuine, and no doubt I’d enjoy having a beer with him.

But his administration made bad choices, and governed with fear. So if there’s ever a way to boost American’s confidence that change has arrived, showing the picture below may be the way:

President Obama, it’s ok to smile today. It may even help the Dow.

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