Morning Joe

Did David Shuster on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tonight pronounce Mary J. Blige’s name as “Mary Blooge”…?

Seriously David, where have you been? You need to be debriefed by the old host of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when it was called Race to the White House, and now the current host of Meet the Press: David Gregory.

I’m sooo Team David Gregory, especially after seeing him jam to Mary J. BLIGE on the Today show:

Poor Shuster, he just can’t catch a break. Remember this modern classic?

Somebody needs a hug and an Ambien…*hug*.

The Best Phrase Ever

by Michelle P. on December 31, 2008 · 0 comments

I had to rewind this several times when I saw it! I couldn’t believe that Dr. Brzezinski said this on Joe’s show whilst Joe sat next to Dr. Brzezinski’s daughter Mika.

Out of respect, Joe didn’t chew off Dr. Brzezinski’s head…until several days later when the Dr. was away from the set and Joe with help from his staff showed evidence that he wasn’t stunn… well, you’ll hear: