Quantitative Easing

Cracked BRICS

by Michelle P. on June 22, 2013 · 4 comments

investing in brics

In last week’s podcast, I questioned if the Eurozone had the next big investment opportunities. In the near term…not really.

So the next natural place to look is in Emerging Markets. In particular, the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Are these countries living up to the pomp and circumstance that started in 2001 by Goldman Sachs analyst Jim O’Neill? Or, is “BRICS” turning out to be just a catchy acronym that lost popularity to the next shiny new investment idea on the scene?

Can we talk?

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how to beat inflation

The Fed has signaled that they may keep interest rates low and continue bond purchases until 2014 or 2015. Nevertheless, investors are edgy.

If Bernanke stops the Fed’s bond purchasing program, bond values may decrease causing rates to rise. The Fed also can’t keep interest rates low forever.

Higher interest rates will impact your savings and investments. Will you be ready when rates go back up? Are you aware of how rising interest rates may affect you? Are you ready to keep inflation from devouring your purchasing power, and – most importantly – do you know how?

You’d be surprised. I talk about how rising interest rates may impact your wallet, plus strategies to protect yourself, in this week’s podcast.

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Quantitative Easing Pt. 3: Return of the Jedi (or Revenge of the Sith depending on how you look at it)

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The summer has barely begun, yet it’s already clear that the US economy will be a hot topic. To stimulate a weakening enterprise, an old standby may be brought out yet again. No, not Billy Crystal. But Quantitative Easing. If Bernanke announces in the June 19-20, 2012 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting that another […]

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Dissecting Bernanke’s June 22nd News Conference

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a news conference on June 22nd shortly after 2 pm, following the Fed’s policy meeting. As usual, the market vividly showed it’s opinion of Mr. Bernanke’s comments: Oh Ben. In fairness, there hasn’t been a heck of a lot of happy news for him to share. Nevertheless, why can’t […]

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Quantitative Easing May Not Be Pleasing

by Michelle P.

Whenever I hear the phrase “quantitative easing”, I get a flashback to this statistics class that I took in graduate school. I’m sitting there with my stomach in knots, befuddled as to what the heck is going on. It’s pretty accurate to apply that same reaction to the latest buzz of a second round of […]

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