Folks are getting nervous as the stock market hits new highs. Instead of waiting to see if the Dow will break 15K, some investors want to take the profits that they’ve made so far and run.

If you’ve made profits, how should you plan your exit? Or, can you stay invested and use other types of securities to lock in your profit?

I answer this, give book recommendations, and more in this podcast, so tune in!

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Baby it’s cold outside!  At least up here in the North it is.

It’s the holiday season, and even the market reflects seasonal changes.  You hear pundits talking about it.  But how can you check it for yourself using cold, hard numbers?  Watch the video to find out. You can also subscribe to my videos in iTunes.

While stocks have had a raucous time this year, bonds continued to be the designated driver – the safe place where stock investors hid until the stock market became a less of an underground rave and more of an uplifting Karaoke party.

But don’t think that the bond market didn’t also have a great time this year.

Here’s a quick comparison of how the main classes of bonds are performing YTD vs. the US stock market and emerging markets:

YTD returns in the US stock market still outrank the majority of bonds – which shouldn’t be a surprise in a presidential incumbent reelection year.  However, it’s notable how well municipal bonds performed YTD.  High yield corporate bonds’ number, in particular, may be up – those values may be due to fall in 2013.

In my last BlogTalkRadio broadcast, I covered why bond values may fall in 2013.  However, with domestic and international challenges over the next two years (including an unwinding war and post-fiscal cliff US economy), the party may be over in the 2013 stock market and your portfolio may need to turn to a bond designated driver.

Video: 3-Step Financial Plan

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